Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Church Anniversary Formal Invites

Church anniversaries are important.  With the different committees and guest churches, it’s always of utmost importance to make the event grand.  Especially to show your Pastor and First Lady how much you appreciate their service.

One way to make the event grand is to purchase our embossed Anniversary Invitations with translucent overlays, tasteful appliqu├ęs and unique type formats.  Sending a formal invitation to the guest churches, as opposed to a traditional letter, is a great way to add class and elegance to the event.  It may also sets a level of expectation for how the guest churches will show their financial appreciation for your Pastor and First Lady.

Because most orders require a minimum of 25 invites, why not send the remaining invitations to your Pastors special friends and out of town guests?  And because we, at Invitation Warehouse, support our church community, take advantage of our 30% discount at the time of your purchase on selected invitations*. 

Make this year’s church and/or Pastor’s Anniversary a grand affair! Click here to get started.

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Please note: When you visit our site, click ANNIVERSARY INVITATIONS.  Once you’ve made your selection, be advised that you can word them any way you choose.  You may want to take a look at our WEDDING INVITATIONS as there is a wider selection; remembering the aforementioned.

*See website for details.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Graduations- A'- Coming! (Pt. 1)

So many times people think that because they’re not graduating from a major university that their graduation is insignificant.  A graduation, of any sort, is a major milestone whether it’s a kindergarten graduation or one from Vacation Bible School; the fact that you were diligent in your studies is something to be celebrated. 

So if you’re thinking about missing the festivities because you think you’re too old to walk across the stage or you’re worried that no one in the audience will applaud; we, at Invitation Warehouse, applaud you!

And as a token, we’d like to celebrate your commencement by extending the following to you:

Get FREE SEALS with your order in addition to our already discounted huge selection of TATEX graduation announcements! Use promo code FREE SEALS and…

As an added bonus, receive FREE RETURN ADDRESS IMPRINTING for the month of March on TATEX invitations! Use promo code FENVP. Click here to get to site.

Congratulations future alumni!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Step of the Save-The-Dates!

Hey there Mr. Thoughtful!  Boy come over here and give ya girl some dap! UUMP! That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout.  Let’s get this save-the-date thing behind you!  If you've forgotten, we're now ready to write the verses for your save-the-date announcement.  Click here to get started. 

You’ll notice there’s 4 lines. 

Line 1 - Is for the date of your wedding.  You do have a date don’t you? Just kidding.  Enter that date. 

Line 2 – Feel free to leave that blank unless you’ve really thought about what you want to say.  If you haven’t, then dude - leave it blank. 

Line 3 – Enter YOUR name first, then your brides.  Yes, I know it says BRIDES NAME first, but she’s marrying YOU, YOU'RE giving her YOUR name, and you are the man of the household, the leader, the big dawg, the head…you know what I mean.  Put your name FIRST because when you’re married, it’s not going to me Mrs. and Mr. – right? 

Line 4 – You can say ‘A formal invite to come’ or you can leave it blank. 

So the last step is to upload a few pics.  If you’re purchasing one that doesn’t require a picture, you’re done.   But if you do, then you’ll definitely want to upload only the pictures where you have HEARD with your OWN EARS that your bride-to-be actually likes the photos you’re about to select.  Because if you select some whack pics – dude?! It’s gonna get ugly.  So again, I repeat – only upload the pictures that you know she likes.

Did you do it?  Good.  Now if you want a proof, click that last option if not – keep it moving.  Oh, what’s a proof?  It’s a sample of how the Save-The-Date will look.

You did it Captain Thoughtful! You completed your very own Save-The-Date!  You go boy!  Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to let us know how it turned out!