Thursday, April 18, 2013

Old Fashioned Invites

In a world that’s all high tech, isn’t it good to know that good ole fashioned etiquette is still alive and well.  Remember the days when people actually took the time to pick out a graduation, anniversary or birthday card.  Now that act of kindness has been replaced with an e-Card.  Or what about when you had to call a company to speak with a representative about placing an order; oh yeah, that’s been replaced with an automated attendant.  Well, how about sending a greeting card to your closest friends; well now that you think about, that’s been replaced by a tweet or Facebook post.

Oh, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed - Invitation Warehouse; case in point – invitations. I’m talking about good old fashioned calligraphy font and engraved invitations; the ones, where you have to lick the envelope and literally purchase a stamp; from one of the oldest institutions in America today – the post office.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about quality invitations.  The ones where you take the time and actually think about the color selection, whether it should be a formal or informal invite, and if it needs a ribbon or pocket; all because you want to give your guests a taste of what’s in store at your wedding or event.

In a world that’s gone high tech and DIY(do-it-yourself), isn’t it good to know that Invitation Warehouse is still the same and that you can be still be the same ole thoughtful and considerate you; by actually purchasing your invitations with us for your next bridal or baby shower, wedding, anniversary, graduation or your next event; all while continuing to enjoy the simplicities of life!  Be sure to check out our Rustic Touch Wedding Collection!

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Friday, April 5, 2013

R├ępondez S'il Vous Plait

An RSVP is a request to respond to an invitation and here at Invitation Warehouse, we’d like to think we know a little something about invitations.  But on a personal note, have you carefully considered the invitations and request to responds you send or accept in your own?  Think about this;

If someone INVITES you to partake in foolishness, don't RSVP!

If someone INVITES you to an argument, simply "decline with no regrets".

When you're INVITED to a gossip party
will you "accept with pleasure" or "decline with no regrets"?

When you're INVITED to RESPOND to criticism, simply "decline with no regrets".

If you're INVITED to RSVP to someone else's bitterness and 
they ask you to give names, simply "decline with no regrets".

Even if you don't have the time, if you're INVITED to share in someone
else's good news, be sure to "ACCEPT WITH PLEASURE".

Be mindful of those you INVITE into your life because they may
'decline you with regrets.

and remember…
An INVITATION is a formal entrance into your world.
View it as precious and INVITE only those that have proved worthy.

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