Monday, October 28, 2013

Colorful 20THIRTEEN Wedding Invites

So you’re the colorful one of the crew and you want a pop of it on your wedding invitations.  Not to worry you colorful fashionista!  You have come to the right place.  At Invitation Warehouse, we have a host of trendy ideas for your wedding invites that will not only meet your colorful fancy but won’t break your invitation budget.  And fortunately for you, we’re featuring one of our fabulous wedding invitation vendors, Carlson Craft for the next few posts and so you’re in for a wedding invitation catwalk of colorful invites. 

First down the invitation runway is this printed lagoon shimmer wedding invitation from their 20THIRTEEN collection. 

The colors are just right for an Autumn or Winter wedding.  It comes with raised ink and your choice of black shimmer Reception Cards as well as Lagoon Shimmer Respond Cards and Envelopes.  And guess how much this blue lagoony treasure retails for? Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it!  For a small wedding of fifty (50) of your closest family and friends, this colorfully stylish invite is just $283.30!  I mean the chocolate lace bodice of this wedding invitation oozes richness and says that you spent at least twice that; don’t you think? 

But be advised: some assembly is required.  But that’s just perfect!  You and a few of your bridesmaid can make a day out of it.  Purchase some Richland Gourmet Candy Apples, make a few virgin apple martini’s and put these baby’s together; talk about some ‘girl’ time!  I mean they should have to do a little work since you’ve gone to expense to pay for those Alfred Sung Bridesmaid dresses right?

Okay, so maybe you’ve just graduated college and are marrying your high school sweetheart.  What about this merlot Sheer Impression Wedding Invitation. 
It’s got that pop of color you desire and it has a sleek, shimmery pocket to give it touch of class.  And not to worry, it won’t break the bank; because for those same fifty guests you can have this baby for just $271.60!  IKR.  It’s out of stock because it’s so popular (as you were in high school and college); but if you order now, we’ll have some just for you!  If you want more of this 20THIRTEEN INVITATION EXTRAVANGANZA, visit today!  Order now and receive 30% off our already low retail prices.  And while you’re at it, be sure to LIKE US on Facebook and FOLLOW US on Twitter!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Affordable Style Wedding Invites

I know you may not have known it, but one of our fabulous invitation distributors Carlson Craft, just started a new Affordable Style Wedding Collection and it is simply gorgeous.  And if you have high-end taste but a low-end budget, this collection will not only leave an impression on your guests, but it won’t leave a dent in your pocketbook. 

Take a look at a few of these high-end wedding invites for the budget conscious:

This Grand Ampersand Wedding Invite features a swirl design and a Z-fold cut.  It features black raised ink and your choice of lettering and ink color. It comes in white, ecru, white shimmer, and claret.  And get this!  If you’re having a simple wedding of one hundred (100) guests, this unusually simple and stylish wedding invitation is only $139.90; this includes invitations and envelopes! Can you believe it?  The reception cards and envelopes are a mere $78.90 and if you need a note folder and envelopes, they’re only $66.90.  That means you can get this entire simply chic ensemble for $285.70. And that’s just one of the fabulously simple styles available in our Affordable Style Wedding Collection. 

Or maybe you want something a bit more whimsical.  Then this Divine Damask patterned wedding invite definitely makes a simple, stylish statement. 

And oh, let’s say you’re having a small wedding and only expecting seventy-five (75) guests, this stunning Affordable Style Divine Damask Wedding Invite is only $127.60.  IKR!  So are you ready to get your Affordable Style on?  Visit today!

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vintage Wedding Invitations

What’s going on in the World of Wedding Invitations?  Seems like anything vintage.  But if you’re a millennial, you might not have a clue as to what vintage means.

Ordinarily, when you hear the word vintage, you think of wine because it usually pertains to an exceptionally fine wine from a particular harvest1.  But vintage, as it pertains to wedding invitations, doesn’t have anything to do with wine.  Oh, don’t get me wrong; a bottle or two of Romanée-Conti circa 19972 would be simply de-light-ful at your wedding.  But when we say Vintage Wedding Invitations, we’re speaking of first-class wedding invites that give you that old world feel.

Vintage Wedding Invitations were popular long before neon greens and bright yellows were the pop colors for wedding invitations.  Back then, as it also seems today, a more colonial style invite with colors ranging from hydrangeas to taupes would have guaranteed open mouths and wide eyes when your guests opened their calligraphy addressed envelopes.  The old cliché that everything comes back around seems also to apply to wedding invitations.  Take a look at some Vintage Wedding Invitations from our Carlson Craft collection.

Now what was your first impression? Be totally honest.  Wasn’t it something along the lines of royal or regal?  Sure it was!  The embellished lace and Florentine tapestry just screams, ‘We’re rich!’ doesn’t it? LOL! No, but seriously; that chocolate Disney Fairytale Wedding Lace Invite was trés chic and simply gorgeous!  And if you’re planning a winter wedding, these Vintage Wedding Invitations would be perfect for your wintery guests.  There’s even a Vintage Charm Pen Set, Vintage Floral Guest Book, and Vintage Favor Cards.  So are you ready to order?  Visit today!