Monday, November 25, 2013

Did You Get Your Thanksgiving Greeting Cards?

Thanksgiving is less than three (3) days away and if you haven’t already purchased your Thanksgiving Greeting Cards, it’s probably for one or more reasons;

1.    You didn’t know there was such a thing as a Thanksgiving Day greeting card.
2.    You can’t afford them.
3.    You don’t think its necessary.
4.    You frankly don’t care.

Whatever your reason, it doesn’t stop the fact that yes, they do exist and yes, you probably haven’t purchased yours.  So what can you do? 

Well, you can order yours RIGHT NOW, I mean at this very moment at and trust that the United States Post Office will get them to you and your recipients in less than three days.  Or you can eagerly learn from your mistake, get on the ball, and order your Christmas Greeting Cards today….not tomorrah! I digress; but there’s this commercial where this attorney says that he needs to get started on your case today not….sorry I digressed again!

But since you didn’t purchase any and with all the holiday buzz, you’re in the mood; there is something that you can do and that’s send a Thanksgiving eCard.  No, it’s not as personal, memorable or chic as our embossed, translucent overlaid with tasteful appliques and unique font type Greeting Cards; but hey – its better than nothing.  So, you ready to get started? All you need to do is open a message from your preferred email provider, cut, paste, and send one of these baby’s as our message;

Here’s a few examples;

So thankful that you stood by me through the good, the bad, and the ugly.’

I'm thankful you didn’t give up on me when everyone else did
 and stayed with me when no one else would.’

I know I don’t deserve to have you in my life, but I’m so thankful that I do.’

No one else on earth could put up with me; but I’m so thankful that you do.’

You’re the only person I know that could love me the way you do
and I’m so thankful that you do.’

Why you love me, I’ll never figure out.  But the fact that you like me
is truly amazing and I’m so thankful that you do.’

The way you stayed in the kitchen and decorated to make this Thanksgiving special for us
is just one of the reasons I’m truly thankful for you.’

Wasn’ that quick, simple and it didn’t cost a thing! Now, don’t try this for Christmas.  You’re definitely going to have to go all out and purchase some thermo graphed, embossed, formal Christmas cards so just head on over to today…not tomorrah!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Damask Wedding Invites

So if you’re wondering what’s trending in wedding invitations this month; it’s DAMASK and it just so happens that the wedding invitation vendor we’re spotlighting this month is none other than the nationally renowned Carlson Craft and their Blue Wedding and Social Stationery Wedding Invitation Collection and have they got some damask themed invites for you!

This Black and White sleek Trifold Damask Wedding Invitation is fit for a royal wedding.  If you’ve always wanted a family crest, this invite has one and if that’s not enough for your regal taste; its custom designed with wine ink. Pish posh!  It’s no RomanĂ©e-Conti circa 1997; but its wine color will make an expensive statement. 

But this majestic invite doesn’t come with a stately price tag; in fact it’s priced at $167.90 per 100! You also can order Reception Cards ($65.00 per 100), Response Cards and Envelopes ($77.90 per 100), Note Folders and Envelopes ($65.90 per $100), and Thank You Cards and White Bright Envelopes ($65 - $95 per 100). At that price, you can get this magnificent ensemble for just $473.50! 

Another popular invite from their Blue Collection is this Black and White Pocket Invitation.  As their cite boasts, ‘this bright white card will feature all of your wording with an elegant, flourish design sweeping across the top’ and this is another one of those invitations where you’ll definitely be putting your bridesmaids to work as some assembly is required. 
But this imperial invite is fit for a queen; and won’t you be a beautiful one when you marry your king on your wedding day!  And with the Reception Cards, Response Cards and Envelopes, and Note Folders and Envelopes, you’ll come in under $500 for the entire ensemble ($449.50 excluding taxes, shipping and handling).

If you want more affordably regal wedding invitation ideas, be sure to visit today!  Order now and receive 30% off our already low retail prices.  And while you’re at it, be sure to LIKE US on Facebook and FOLLOW US on Twitter!

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