Friday, January 31, 2014

Throw Your Own Valentine’s Day Soiree

Have you ever attended an adut Valentine’s Day party?  If you’re like me, you’re probably squinting your eyes with a tilted head, thinking – “Huh? A Valentine’s Day Party? Uhm, no I don’t think so.” I think the last ‘Balentime’s Day’ Party I went to was in the fifth grade.  Not since those innocent elementary school days have the majority of us went to one.  And didn’t the thought of it bring a smile to your face?

The whole ambiance – even as a child – was a memorable experience.  The trip to the store with your mother and going from shelf to shelf, looking intently at one colorful box of Wonder Woman, 6 Million Dollar Man and Three Stooges cards caused you to grin so deeply at the thought that a few of those boxes would actually be in your hands in a matter of minutes. And remember after you’d made your selection, of how you couldn’t wait to get home and pen your classmates first and last name to those bright red envelopes!  Ahhh – good times!

Well, you can create that same experience by purchasing some Valentine’s Day invitations for your upcoming soiree!  WTW?  Yes! Why not do something out the box this year and host your own Valentine’s Day Soiree!  Just think of how your guests will feel when they open their Valentine’s Day Cards; cleverly disguised as your Valentine’s Day Soiree invites!  Oh, the joy!

Now we aren’t event planners, but one things for sure; we can definitely assist you with some of the most fashionably chic and affordable invites for your shin dig!  Take a look a few; but remember you can adjust the wording to your liking.

Take a look!


Ready to purchase your ‘Balentime’s Day’ Soiree invites?  Visit or click the images above.  Be sure to leave us a comment and post pictures on Facebook to let us know who your shin dig turned out! 
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