Thursday, February 27, 2014

Private Invitation Consulting

I don’t know if you watched the fabulous and lavish wedding of BravoTv’s® NeNe Leakes; star of their hit television series Real Housewives of Atlanta®.  But if by chance you were one of the few Americans who missed it, take a look at ‘I Dream of NeNe®’ here.

But if you did have the opportunity to see the ‘Wedding of the Year’, do you remember when NeNe and her bridesmaid, Marlo, visited an exclusive wedding boutique to purchase last year’s most talked about celebrity wedding invitations?  Upon their arrival they sat with a Private Invitation Consultant who walked them through the process of deciding how she envisioned her wedding invitations.  This swanky establishment was located in the Peach State of Georgia but not to worry Texans!  There’s a Private Wedding Invitation Consulting Boutique located in the heart of the Lone Star State and it’s Dallas’ own Invitation Warehouse!
Our expert staff have over a decade of Wedding Invitation Consulting experience and have helped hundreds of brides through the wedding invitation selection process.  Because this is one of the most important days of your life, you’ll have the comfort in knowing that our staff has the experience, know-how, and patience to walk you through it. And since there’s more to it than just picking out an invite, our PrivateInvitation Consultants are available to give you the in’s and out’s of making your invite the most talked about wedding invitation for your circle of influence. 

So is a Private Wedding Invitation Consultation for you?  If you’re a fabulously budget conscious bride with high-end taste…absolutely!   Appointments are booking fast so call our offices at (214)381-6367 and schedule your appointment today!  Let us help you create your own ‘I Dream of….’ Visit!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Step Your Congratulatory Game Up!

You’re the one who always encouraging your co-workers.  No matter what the occasion or the outcome; you’re the office picker upper and everyone knows it.  If there’s a conflict, you always know how to resolve it.  If someone’s promoted, you’re the first to send a celebratory email which is usually followed up with a Coca Cola® celebratory chaser.  But why not step your celebratory game up and purchase some formal Congratulations Cards? 
And not the kind you get at the dollar store; but the kind that will make your co-workers perfectly position them in their cubicles.  The ones they’ll take home and put on their fireplace mantles.  Yeah and even put a magnet on top and post on their refrigerator doors.
Take a look at this ‘beautiful congratulations card with elegant flourish design.’  It’s a wonderful way to recognize others for their accomplishments.
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Or ‘recognize those who go above and beyond and say congrats for doing such a great job by sending this teal card featuring silver foil highlights.’ 
Click link to view and purchase:
A 'fun way to share excitement for another person's success! This congratulations card is filled with fun ways to say "well done", printed in eye-catching colors against a black background.'
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These Congratulatory Cards are perfect for every occasion.  Keep a few in your office, car, purse, and at home.  Ready to get yours?  Visit!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Go To An Invitation Boutique?

In a day and age of DIY and digital everything, what should you do about your wedding invites?  Should you do-it-yourself online or send an e-vite?  Well, to best answer that question, check out our series ‘E-Vites or Invitations’ (Click here to refresh your memory.) But here’s a thought.  What if there was a quiet and quaint spot where you could take your own sweet, little time and browse through one of the largest selections of bridal invitations the metroplex has to offer?  What if you could actually come on your day off; when you’ve had an opportunity to unwind and let our friendly staff walk you through the invitation selection process with outstanding customer service and a personal concierge type of feel?  Does such a place exist?  Abso-bridalutely!  And it’s found at Invitation Warehouse!

Oh, don’t let our name fool you!  We named our business Invitation Warehouse because of our huge selection of invitations!  We’ve got Engagement Invitations, Discount Wedding Invitations, Luxury WeddingInvitations, Destination Wedding Invitations, Bridal Shower Invitations, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Anniversary Invitations, Baby Shower Invitations, Bar Mitzvah Invitations, Party Invitations; if the occasion calls for an invitation – we’ve got it! 
But here’s the thing – Invitation Warehouse is actually a Invitation Boutique!  You can actually call our offices and an Invitation Consultant will schedule a convenient appointment where you can bring your fiancĂ©e, mother, sissy’s, bridesmaids – whomever you choose and come on in.  Take your time and browse through our catalogs.  You can even take pictures and post them to Twitter® and Facebook® to get a vote of what your social community thinks. It’s actually pretty convenient and extremely comfortable.  All we ask is that you be ready to place your order at the time of your visit. 

So Mrs. Soon-To-Be-Married-To-The-Man-Of-Your-Dreams; are you ready to schedule your appointment?  Give us a call at (866)381-6367 during normal business hours and get ready to experience Invitation bliss at our Invitation Boutique.

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