Monday, March 24, 2014

Seal 'n Sends

So what’s going on in the Wonderful World of Wedding Invitations?  Seal 'n Sends!  Seal 'n sends are an easy way to make a dashing impression without the old school assembly required.  They’re quick, easy, and simply adorable!  The way they work is that instead of purchasing a separate RSVP card for your guests, you would simply send a ‘seal-n-send’ which comes with a perforated border.  This perforated border detaches from the formal invite and seamlessly transforms into an RSVP; right before your guests eyes.

In a matter of seconds, your guests will have a chic and simple RSVP card and you avoided having to pay for extra envelopes. The way that it use to work is that you purchased a separate RSVP card which oftentimes made the envelope seem a little bulky.  Not to mentioned with the added envelope came with additional postage fees. These all new seal 'n sends are quick, easy and quite frankly less expensive.

Take a look at a few to get an idea of how they work;
This tailored damask design includes invitation verse, respond verse, printed return addresses and three clear round seals.  And because you’re an old fashioned, but youthful bride – it also has thermo-graphed or raised ink to give it that elegant look for less.

And because vintage rose has made a big come back, this seal 'n send is perfect for the whimsical bride. 
And wait!  You have got to check out this Rustic Charm Seal 'n Send!  Not only does it come with invites, but you can purchase the entire ensemble which includes Wedding Announcements, Map Cards, Enclosure Cards, Informal Notes, Menu Cards, Reception and Thank You Notes.

 I don’t even think the Transformers™ can transform as fast as these seal 'n sends!  So why not get in on what's trending in the Invitation World and purchase some seal 'n sends!  Visit today!

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

What People Are Saying

Now that you know who Invitation Warehouse is and you understand what it is that we do – Private Wedding Invitation Consulting and Sales; I think it only apropos that you hear what our clients are saying about us.  To date, our Invitation Consultants have helped thousands of brides with the Wedding Invitation Selection Process.  So if you’re on the fence about where to purchase your wedding invites, here’s a few testimonials that’ll let you know we’re the right choice;

·       The bridal shower invitations are just too beautiful. Thanks for suggesting such a pretty invitation! – Lisa P, Louisville, KY 

·       Mrs. Lane you are an angel sent from heaven!  Thank you for helping me select an invitation that created a nice impression even though I was on a budget. – Hannah K, Plano, TX 

·       Lois you are the best!  When I got my Encore Invitations I sat down and just cried because they were so beautiful. Thanks for being patient with me. - Heather J, New York 

·       Thanks for your great ideas on how to make my invitations look different from everybody else.  I have already sent your website address to my friends. - Keisha H, SC 

·       Invitation Warehouse is the place to go for wedding invitations.  I am so glad that I found you.  I saved more money than I thought and got my invitations a lot quicker than I thought I would. - Abby E, Detroit MI 

·       We absolutely love our wedding invitations.  I tell everyone I know that is getting married about Invitation Warehouse. I love you! - Amber S, Dallas, TX
Did you hear that?  These blushing, beautiful, and budget conscious brides received ‘great ideas on how to make their invitations look different’ to saving ‘more money than [they] thought’ and receiving their invitations a whole lot quicker than they imagined.  And that’s just a few of the good things brides are saying about Invitation Warehouse.  So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call at (214)381-6367 to schedule your Private Wedding Invitation Consultation or visit us at and take advantage of our 30% discount on selected wedding invitations.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

So What Is Invitation Warehouse?

Staci Sweet, Invitation Warehouse Contributor/Blogger

I know you’ve read our blog posts and saw the gorgeous wedding invitations that we post daily on our Facebook and Twitter Fan Pages; but do you know who we are?

Invitation Warehouse™ is a minority woman owned family business, ran by retired City of Dallas employee, Lois Lane.  After working as a Civil Servant for the City of Dallas, Mrs. Lane decided to retire after thirty-three years of faithful and recognized service.  While raising two daughters, one a Stanford grad and the other holding a B.A. in Business Administration, she had to think of creative ways to supplement her income and as a result, Invitation Warehouse was birthed!
What started as a side hustle has turned into a twelve-year-old, award winning, Limited Liability Corporation where she uses her love for helping others to provide Private Wedding Invitation Consulting for hundreds of brides across the U.S. And it’s not too late for you to be a part of our story!  We want you to become a part of the IW Wedding Family.  It would be our distinct and absolute pleasure to walk you through the Wedding Invitation SelectionProcess.  It would be a privilege to show you how to make your invitation much more than a piece of stationery but an entry way into the hottest wedding of the year!
And remember, when you purchase your wedding invitations from Invitation Warehouse, you’re supporting a small, family-owned business.  Your purchase not only helps you; but it helps our economy.  Who knew that wedding invitations were so important?  IKR? On behalf of Invitation Warehouse, thank you for your business! Visit!

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