Monday, April 28, 2014

Color Coordinating Your Save-The-Dates

Oftentimes, many brides get stumped when selecting their wedding invitations because they don’t have a clue as to where to start.  Well, one of the best ways to get over that hurdle is to think about color; the color of your dress, d├ęcor – the whole 9.  You want to incorporate those colors into your wedding invites to give your guests a pre-wedding feel. 

When selecting the color, you should select colors that represent you, the bride and your gorgeous groom.  The color should be a composite of who you are as a couple.   Think of it as the first merging, the first creation of you two, the first thing you create together (unless you already have kids!) Say for instance, you like pink and he likes brown. You can’t stand the colors together but in an effort to practice compromise before the marriage; you may want to consider a pink and brown wedding invite. Here's a few pink and brown Save-The-Date ideas to get you started;  
Or maybe your future hubby is a denim guy; t-shirts and jeans and you’re a high-end chic on a banana budget.  Well, since he likes jeans, you can never go wrong with denim and though your quirky yellow often leaves him speechless, here’s a few ideas;
But see here’s the thing.  You want to use the same color swatch throughout the entire wedding process.  That means your Save the Dates, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, the actual wedding ceremony, and the Wedding Reception.  If you need help selecting your wedding invite color swatch or to schedule your Private Wedding Invitation Consultation, give our Invitation Consultants a call at (214)381-6367 or visit us at! Appointments are booking fast, so call right now to take advantage of our 30% discount on selected wedding invitations. We’ve got the Save-The-Dates down pact; next time, it’s on to the Bridal Shower.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Enzoani™ Gowns and Wedding Invites

What type of wedding invitation would you partner with this stunning Enzoani’s lace, colour and tailored silhouette wedding gown?  I mean if we had the opportunity to speak with Enzoani™ designer Kang Chung Lin about this sparkling beauty,   we’d ask her to personally design a wedding invitation exclusively for Invitation Warehouse® because the soft silhouettes resemble some of our Spring wedding invites.  But since we haven’t, we’ve decided to bring the runway to you! We’ve partnered a couple of our invites with Enzoani’s 2014 Wedding Collection.  Take a look at their 2014 Wedding Runway Show that was held at the Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana, California and then take a look at some of our lacy invites.

Wasn’t those dresses simply gorgeous? IKR.  Now what if you could coordinate one of those baby’s with your overall wedding theme?  Here’s a few of our lacy themed Wedding Invitations from the Carlson Craft™ Collection; one of the nation’s top wedding and social stationery printers.   
This art deco ritzy black and ecru classy Ritz Remix wedding invitation is sure to make a statement.  If you’re going for that roaring 20’s look that making a comeback; this invite is for you!  Partner this with one of those Enzoani’s wedding gowns and you’re sure to make social media history with all your friends and tweoples!
This Clearly Filigree Wedding Invitation gives the feel of a lace border.  The black damask creates that soft silhouette that brings lace appearance to the party. The monogram above is an extra that’ll announce you and your future hubby’s coupl-itials!  That’s couple initials!

Though it’s not lace; the taupe, mocha, and floral design would partner well with a lace gown.  It comes with double kraft envelopes and the reception cards and note folders are just under $80 each!  You can purchase the invites plus the reception cards and note folder for under $300 for 100 guests!  What a deal!  Order now and we’ll take 30% off!
So, now that you’ve attended our wedding gown and wedding invitation online runway show, are you ready to take the next step towards making it a reality?  To schedule your Private Wedding Invitation Consultation, give our Invitation Consultants a call at (214)381-6367 or visit us at! Appointments are booking fast, so call right now to take advantage of our 30% discount on selected wedding invitations.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Purple Invites

In our last post, we told you about the latest trend in wedding invites; the ever so transformable Seal ‘n Sends.  But as with everything on the web, trends change and this week guess what’s trending?  The Color Purple.

No, not Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker’s, ‘The Color Purple’; the literal color purple.  And isn’t that just grape!  I mean great!  Can’t you just see yourself in the traditional black and white with a pop of purple? And if you need a few ideas to help you see how the invites would turn out, take a look at these beauties.
This 6 x 6 purple shimmer invite comes with scrawled typography (that’s font for those that are typography challenged) is perfect for that splash of color you desire with your traditional wedding.
Click here to view and purchase.
But check out this Pastel Purple Shimmer Invite.  Isn't it just perfect for Resurrection Sunday, Spring, and outdoor weddings? IKR.
Click here to view and purchase.
And to keep the purple theme alive, here’s a few inexpensive wedding favors that you can purchase on our site.  This pretty two-piece purple favor box is perfect for wrapped candies! It even comes with silver foil to accentuate your black, white, and purple theme!  Plus, you can place your monogram on each box and fill them with Hershey’s Purple Snow Kisses Hard Candies.  Talk about Picture Pur-fect!
Click here to view and purchase.
So is the color purple right for you?  If so, visit our website at or call our boutique and schedule a private Invitation Consultation with one of our Invitation Consultants at 214-381-6367.
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