Monday, May 26, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. West's Wedding Invite

We’d like to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West!  You can say what you will about the two, but you have to commend them on trying to do the right thing in an industry where people are commended for doing wrong.

In this post, we’d like to take a look at their invite. 

No, they didn’t follow Emily Post wedding wording etiquette to the ‘T’; but when have Mr. and Mrs. West ever done anything traditionally.  One things for sure; they’re definitely on their way to doing things right!  And what about you? Are you ready to order your own wedding invitations? Here’s one of our invites that’s similar to the Wests’.

This is from called Serene Love – Imperial Collection in our Jean M Mixation® catalog.  It’s a 6 x 6 card and you can get yours for $174 for just 100!

Though the West's were married at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy and your wedding is at the country club; your guest can still experience the regalness of the day with this Opulent Filigree Beauty. This black shimmer invite actually tops the West's design.  They got you on the Forte, but you'll have them on the invite!

Give our Invitation Consultants a call at (214)381-6367 and we'll help you make sure that you keep the traditional wedding invitation etiquette or we'll help you break tradition and make your own! Visit us at and we’ll schedule your private consultation. Call now and get 30% off.
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Rehearsal Dinner Invites

You are really doing well bride-to-be!  Selecting a gorgeous color palette for your Save-The-Dates that expresses you as a couple, purchasing your Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party invites with your faithful and ever-so-handsome groom in mind and now you are almost to the finish line.  Yay you!  But there’s still work to be done.  So roll up your sleeves and let’s tackle your Rehearsal Dinner invites.

This one can be tricky because you have to not only consider your color palette; but your ever-so-important guests.  And this one has to be extremely tres’ chic and simply perfect because this one has to be sent to the next most important people in the wedding ceremony and that’s to your mother and father in love.  This invitation has to embody and represent you, your gorgeous groom and his ever-so-precious mother; your soon-to-be mother in love.  In fact, this could determine if she’ll be your mother-in-love or merely just your mother-in-law.

And since there’s so much at stake with this invite, why not include her in this?  I mean since the day is ‘all about you’; why not make her feel like a VIP and ask her select your Rehearsal Dinner Invites!  Since it’s customary for the grooms family to host, this would give her the opportunity to do than to just sit back and watch you and your mother do all the work and have all the fun.

Well, we’ve taken the liberty to select a few Rehearsal Dinner Invites for your viewing pleasure to help you both get started! This Eat, Drink, and Rehearse Rehearsal Dinner Invite is chic, simple, and elegantly gets to the point.  It coordinates with any color palette and will give your guests the right kind of ‘umph’ for the days’ festivities.
This one combines ‘sophistication with charm’ and isn’t too girly but has just the right amount of masculinity that keeps the guys attention.
Here’s some things you may want to remember.  According to Emily Post, ‘A physical invitation serves as a tangible reminder of the date, time, and address of the party. It's a good idea to include directions to the party and RSVP information, usually a phone number or e-mail address. Send invitations three to six weeks in advance1.’ 
With that in mind, now is the time to contact our Invitation Consultants at (214)381-6367 to schedule your private appointment or if you’re busy schedule won’t permit, simply visit us at and we’ll be more than happy to place your order! Call now and get 30% off on selected Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So now that we’ve narrowed down your color selection; one that represents you and your gorgeous groom, it’s time to seamlessly weave that color into your Bachelorette Party Invites.  Check out this fuchsia stiletto Dancing Girl Bachelorette Party invite.  This last night out invite is just the right invite to let your girlfriends know that red bottom stilettos are a must because there’ll be hours of dancing going on.

But what if you’re catching a late flight to Vegas and you’re approaching the city of lights and want to make sure that everyone in the airport knows that it’s your last fling.  Why not purchase a few of these zebra pint luggage tags to let the attendants and other patrons know there’s wedding royalty in their midst and to handle you bags delicately. 
And who cares that you won’t be staying at the Palms in their $40k per night Sky Villa; shouldn’t the staff at the Mandarin Oriental know that you’re bridal party is one of the loveliest in the nation?  And as such, shouldn’t they dawn one of these Bachelorette buttons?  I mean your matron/maid of honor, four bridesmaid and five friend of brides have to be readily identified in case some wealthy man tries to buy you a bottle of Gout de Diamant Brut Diamond Champagne which retails for 1.2 million in an effort to woo you from your future hubby.

And wouldn’t a little of that bubbly look extra cute in these Bachelorette Shot Glasses?  No, they're not designed by John Calleija and so what if they’re not embellished with 1700 white and pink diamonds and cost $400k; these babies will do just nicely for the occasion.

And since you entered the city as royalty, let’s not forget your Bachelorette Sash.  This ‘white satin Bachelorette sashes with 3" satin band and 5/8" fuchsia grosgrain ribbon on each side and is embroidered in fuchsia’; so girl, it’s time to turn up and get your party on!

And get this.  Invitation Warehouse is your one-stop Bachelorette Party shop!  We carry Bachelorette Party invitations, sashes, tiaras, buttons,  luggage tags, shot glasses, and can coolers.  With just a few clicks, you can buy everything you need in just one place.  So what are you waiting for?  Give our Bachelorette Party Invitation Consultants a call at (214)381-6367 or visit us at! Call now and get 30% off on selected Bachelorette Party supplies and invitations.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Double Duty Bridal Shower Invites

Getting married is quite the endeavor.  With all the planning, it’s certainly good to know that the big day is a time for partying.  There’s the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, the actual wedding ceremony, and last but not least, the oh so get-your-party-on Reception.  And of course, each require that you invite both the guests and the actual wedding party to each festive occasion;  which is where we come in.  We’d like to help you coordinate each party with the right invite!
In our last post, we discovered that when selecting the color of all your invites, you should select colors that represent you; the beautiful bride and your gorgeous groom.  The color should be a composite of who you are as a couple.  But with that in mind, that color should be the thread throughout all your wedding invites; including the Save-the-Dates, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Rehearsal Dinner, the actual Wedding Ceremony and of course, the Wedding Reception.
No matter your color selection, you can’t go wrong with this bright invite.  This Shower Me With Love Bridal Shower invitation is perfect for a Spring Wedding!  Especially since we’re in the rainy season.
But take a look at this Dressy Floral beauty!  If you’re having a Tea Themed Bridal Shower, wouldn’t this make a great invite?  And I might add, that if you were to tell your guests to bring their invites to the shower and the invites could do double duty as a coaster. Oh, I’m kidding! Or am I? LOL!

But seriously, what about this stylish Sweet Request cupcake themed Bridal Shower invite?  IKR. Just think.  You could serve cupcakes at the shower…and wait for it…with the same color scheme as this invite! LMBO!  Oh and get this.  Order a few extras, and you could use the invites as streamers throughout the party venue.  Are these Bridal Shower invitations doing double duty or what?
So are you ready to get your double duty Bridal Shower/coaster/decorations on? Give our Invitation Consultants a call at (214)381-6367 or visit us at! Call now and get 30% off on selected Bridal Shower invitations so that we can show you how to get your money's worth and make your invites do double duty!

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