Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Wade's Wedding Invite

For the past two posts, we’ve discussed the controversial no cell phone and camera request made by three time NBA Championship Guard for the Miami Heat, Dywane Wade and former model and actress Gabrielle Union to their guest for their upcoming all-star, A-list celebrity wedding August 30th.   So now that we’ve discussed what wedding etiquette has to say and how their request will put professional photographers back in demand, let’s take a look at the actual invite.

The invite comes from a RUSTIC collection.  The wood and rustic appeal gives you the feeling of the Wild, Wild West.  In the days of John Wayne, The Lone Ranger, and Clint Eastwood.  When men wore tight jeans because they were sturdy for ridin’ horses all day and women stood by their man til literally death did they part; which probably is what the Wade's hope to convey.  That Dwyane has finally found a woman that will stick with him 'in the heat' of the desert and remain by his side; even without a championship ring. 

The wooden template could possibly relay the message that their marriage will be sturdy like a tree that grows on the plains of a dry, desert.  The woody, western invite seems to let us know that the couple, could in fact be the next Bonnie and Clyde or for my old western movie challenged readers – his ride or die.  IDK.  Did Beyonce and Jay beat them to it? Either way, the invitation is definitely making a statement and I must say, it's one of a lifetime of love.

And because the couple requested no cell phones and cameras could mean that no one and I mean no one is going to be in their business (Just thought I'd throw that one in there!) LOL!

So why not make your own with a few of these look-a-likes?  Check out this Rustic Touch Black and Gold Shimmer Invite from our Carlson Craft collection? It comes with gold foil, accent lettering and double jumbo envelopes.  

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