Monday, January 19, 2015

Budget Friendly Wedding Invites

So you dreamed big and met a man with the biggest heart and wallet! J Yay you!  Up top!  Two snaps and a ‘You Go Girl!’  But though he makes a nice living, he’s unusually frugal at heart.  Yes, he spoils you and wants you to have a big wedding; but he’d prefer that you do it on a budget.  Not to worry!  Invitation Warehouse™ to the rescue! 

We understand that he’s a bit old fashioned; in that he’d prefer some high-end wedding invites for the big day.  But because you know your man is not willing to break the bank for some high end ‘invitation papers that are meticulously arranged with embossing, translucent overlays, tasteful appliques and unique type formats; you’ve been thinking about DIY or worse; electronic invites.  On behalf of your future mother-in-law, let me say, ‘How dare you?’

But don’t worry Mrs. I Met Mr. Right, we’ve got a few ideas that’ll help you keep a good attitude during the wedding planning process and meet his financial standards as well.  We’re not known as one of Dallas’ providers of ‘High End Invitations for Budget Conscious Brides’ for nothing.  Take a look at these fleek, chic, and somewhat cheap wedding papers.
Click invite to view - $154.90 per 100
Click invite to view - $159.90 per 100
Click invite - $184.90 Per 100
Aren’t those just the cutest invites and save-the-dates of the season?  And did you check out the price? $154 - $185 per 100.  At that price, you can afford to take your Bridesmaid to the Spa!  And if you wanted something more traditional, we’ve got that too.  At Invitation Warehouse, we help you go big on a budget!  So what are you waiting for?  Click those images and let’s get this marriage started honey!  Our Private Invitation Consultants are standing by to take your order! Call now – 866-381-6367!

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Be and Do the Unusual for Valentines Day

As an Invitation Blogger, some would think that there is only so much that you can write about invitations.  That is true in a sense, but when you enjoy what you do and believe in the product – it can actually be quite adventurous. Last year, I managed to write about everything from ‘HostingYour Own Valentine’s Day Soiree’ to somehow managing to infuse designer KangChung Lin’s Enzoani™ Wedding Gown Runway Show in with our Lacy Wedding Invites.  I infused the usual with something different.

At Invitation Warehouse, our blog resolution for the year is ‘Be and Do the Unusual.’  Some might ask, ‘What does that mean and what does it have to do with invitations?’  Glad you asked and here’s what I mean.  Do something unusual in everything you do; including ordering invitations.  Look, I’ll give you an example.

Why not do something different and order some of our high quality ‘invitation papers that are meticulously arranged with embossing, translucent overlays, tasteful appliques and unique type formats’ and host a Valentine’s Day Soiree for the people in your life that don’t have a special someone?  Wouldn’t that be just the most unusual and kindest thing you’ve done for the New Year?  And while we’re on the subject, here’s a few for your viewing and BUYING pleasure.  (Click image to view and purchase.)
$65.40 per 25 - Your choice of color envelope
$235 per 100 - Look at this photo announcement
Just $21.90 - Sculpted Heart Table D├ęcor 
Its things like that – doing something that you’re going to do anyway and coupling it with something out of the ordinary.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant or expensive; just something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.  So go and do something unusual today you faithful and fabulous Invitation Connoisseur you.  Remember Valentines Day is right around the corner so be sure to order your Valentine’s Day Soiree invites today! Be sure to post your pics on our Facebook page @

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Bridesmaids Gift Certificates

Our resolution for 2015 is ‘Be and Do the Unusual’; even in the hum drum business of Invitations.  I mean think about it.  We sit and wait for you – our faithful and fabulous Invitation Warehouse blog readers - to go to our website; and choose from our extensive selection.  You click PAY and we get to work.  Day after day, that can get really boring.  So the thought came – how can we, at Invitation Warehouse, get out of our everyday rout and ‘Be and Do the Unusual’?  By dedicating this year to inspire you to do the same; only with invitations!

And we challenge you to do the same.  Here’s how.  Instead of ordering DIY (Do-It-Yourself) invites, why not go the extra mile and be unusually thoughtful and purchase some of our high end ‘invitation papers that are meticulously arranged with embossing, translucent overlays, tasteful appliques and unique type formats’? I know that doesn’t seem really unusual.  But what if you were to purchase one of our Gift Certificates for one of your brilliant, witty and unmarried Bridesmaids; just to let her know that you believe that she’ll meet her Mr. Right too.
Give us a call at 866-381-6367 to get yours today!

 My point; ‘Be and Do the Unusual’.  Get outside yourself and think of ways you can include others while you do life. And what better time than now to get started. Purchase a few of our Gift Certificates today at  Look at you….you unusually faithful and fabulous Invitation Connoisseur who just happens to be one of the best brides in the whole wide world.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Preview

Hey you!  You faithful and fabulous Invitation Warehouse blog reader!  You made it into the New Year and I know, you being the Invitation Connoisseur that you are – are so ready to find out what’s happening in the ‘Wonderful World of All Things Invitations’. So let’s get started by giving you a preview of what’s coming in 2015.

This year we’ll talk about things like….

·         Doing the Unusual

·         Paying It Forward

·         Out of the Norm Ways to Use Save-The-Dates

·         Incorporating Invitations into Everyday Life

·         Going Big on a Budget

And much, much more.  And you know us!  Each post will be informative, witty, and unusually interesting because we so value your readership.

Which brings us to this.  We are truly grateful that you take the time to read our Blog.  There’s no way that we could continue to do what we do, without you taking an interest in what we do.  So much so, that you’d even support us by reading an Invitation Blog.  Wow!  Who does that?  You!  You faithful and fabulous Invitation Warehouse Blog reader, that’s who.  So here’s to you!  May 2015 be the best year of your life so far. May you meet, marry or even remarry the man you were created for, may your businesses prosper and your lives be filled with inviting opportunities for others to support you – as you have so faithfully supported us. 

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