Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Your Free Return Address Imprinting!

So if you’re reading this Blog, more than likely, you’ve liked our Facebook page.  Yay you and if by chance you haven’t, please do so.  And if you have so graciously liked our page, then could you do us a favor and refer some of the hundreds of loyal Facebook friends that you have to do the same?  I digress.  But if you have liked our Facebook page then you know that every month we offer a special on FREE RETURN ADDRESS IMPRINTING and more than likely you’ve ignored the post.

We understand totally! But we wanted to make sure you understand the importance of the post that you ignored.  I mean, do you know what FREE RETURN ADDRESS IMPRINTING really means? Do you get the significance of having the ability to have the return address on your envelopes imprinted for you; free of charge?  That’s huge. Colossal. Monumental.  No, it really isn’t but allow me to explain why it is…kinda…at least to us.

You see, ordinarily when you purchase personalized social stationery such as wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and other invitations; you, the purchaser, have the obligation to address them.  That means that you would have the painstaking task of writing hundreds of names, addresses, cities and states to each recipient.  That’s a lot of work! But because we’ve partnered with a national distributor, Birchcraft, they’ve so graciously offered to do it for you!  Yep!  Your pretty little fingers won’t have to get writers cramps, your wrists won’t suffer from carpel tunnel, and you can now devote the hours you would’ve spent at your desk hand addressing your invitations; to something more important like sharing our Facebook updates with your friends.  I digress…yet again.

And for a limited time only (not really because they offer it every month); you can order your invitations through Invitation Warehouse, receive 30% off your order PLUS receive FREE RETURN ADDRESS IMPRINTING.  Talk about a deal girlfriend!  Visit invitationwarehouse.com today so that you too can be a part of this historical address imprinting event.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Get Your Complimentary Invitation Samples

You’ve made it through all of your friend’s summer weddings and had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in a few.  But now your time has come and you and your unusually attentive and supportive fiancĂ©e have chosen a winter wedding.  Together, you’re making conscious decisions about the budget and you’ve both decided that DIY invitations are out of the question. But before you take the plunge and spend a pretty penny on your formal invites, you want to see a sample of what’s out there.  So what’s a wedding invitation sample?

Invitation samples are a great way to see how your actual formal invite will look.  You’ll have the opportunity to feel the heavy cardstock, run your fingers across the engraved and embossed lettering; while basking and taking in the whole ‘thermo-graphed’ experience.
And just for you; you budget conscious bride – we’ve partnered with one of our distributors and have we got a great offer for you. When you order your invitations from Invitation Warehouse, through our Birchcraft distributor; a national dealer of fine personalized wedding and social invitations; you’ll receive not one (1), not two (2), but three (3), three (3), three (3) free Invitation samples when you place your order.  So if he’s not too happy about this Gold and Pink Love Story of an Invitation in all its shimmering brilliance….

25 for $236. Click to purchase.
Then you can easily run this Antique Filigree by him for his approval.

100 for $154.90
You now have the option to get a sample of each for your viewing pleasure.  Isn’t that great?  I mean it’s actually huge because ordinarily wedding invitation samples can be as much as $3 per sample; $3 just to take a peek! But at Invitation Warehouse, we always look for opportunities to give you more than what you pay for.  So take advantage of this exclusive offer.  Ready to check out some samples?  Visit invitationwarehouse.com today and place your order.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Small Business Ideas: Personalized Stationery

In today’s fast paced digital world, as a small business owner it’s often hard to stand out. With so many other businesses vying for market share, what can you do?  Start by doing what others don’t with things like having excellent customer service, saying thank you when a customer calls, and actually taking the time to write a thank you note – just because.  Yes, it’s the small things that can cause you to stand out and get the sales your business so needs.  So how can we at Invitation Warehouse help?  By showing you how to use something as simple as our Personalized Stationery to generate the attention your business needs. 

Here’s how you do it. Start by purchasing one of these.

Exquisite 100% cotton stationery - 50 for $75

Beautiful for business, perfect for personal! - 50 for $50
Next, write your clients a letter explaining why you appreciate their business and how you’re looking forward to doing business with them again.  Share some of the things you remember from working on their project, about previous conversations or what you learned from working with them.  

Can you imagine what they’ll think after reading this out-of-the-blue correspondence from someone they simply paid to provide a service?  The goal is to get them motivated to do more business with you or even better, think of who they can refer.  They’ll want to do something good for you because you went above the call of duty and made them feel special.  And this ladies and gentlemen is how you get your business to stand out.  So are you ready to order your very own Personalized Stationery?  Our Private Invitation Consultants are standing by to take your order! Call today – 214-381-6367! 

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