Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Layered Invitations

Those Invitation Inventors are at it again!  They’ve been hard at work thinking of creative ways to help you save money and here’s their latest invention - layered invites.  Layered invitations are an all-in-one invitation and here’s how they work.

The first ‘layer’ consists of a several pictures of you and your handsome groom. This gives guests a preview of your couple-liness! You'll see this layer at the end of the article. The second ‘layer’ is the actual invite.  It gives the date, time and the location of the ceremony.

The third ‘layer’ is the Reception Card which also provides the specifics of where the most epic reception in wedding history will take place.

The fourth ‘layer’ is the Accommodation Card which provides the host hotel information as well as any other travel tidbits your guests might need as they trek across country to venue that’s taken you months to locate.

The final or the fifth ‘layer’ is the RSVP Card which gives the guests the opportunity to reserve their spot on the day that the earth stands still at the splendor of your beauty coming down the aisle.

And here's the finished product. K-ute isn't it?
Each layer is clamped with a heart clip and shipped seamlessly to your guests.  Before, you had to place each layer in a separate envelope.  Now you don’t have to bother.  No more stuffing envelopes or struggling with carpel tunnel with the endless addressing. These layered invitations are the latest trend in the wonderful world of invites. Question is, will you be the new ‘it’ bride to have them? Say yes and order your layered nvitations today. And if you order today, you’ll receive 30% off.  Get yours now at InvitationWarehouse.com.

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Are You a Fan?

In case you’ve been wondering what’s trending in the wonderful world of wedding invitations, let me be the first to tell you…fans!  Yes, that’s right, fans!  Not fans as in fanatical people that support a celebrity or cause; but fans!  No, not a device that has an electric motor and vanes for cooling…but fans! A ‘hand-held implement used to induce airflow for the purpose of refreshing oneself.1’ Yes, those fans; which is actually pretty cool (no pun intended) because with the summer heat and the increase in outdoor weddings; these babies will definitely come in handy.  Take a look at a few!

This Mocha and Bordeaux Ink Program Fan with ‘florals and vintage patterns’ will definitely keep your guests classically cool.

125 for $285 - How sweet! - Click to view and buy!

And what about this ‘cobalt blue with wild roses’ Program Fan?
75 for $213.90 - Click to view and buy!
And this lagoon blue, fuchsia and white posies program will keep your guests stylishly cool.
100 for $245.90 - Click here to purchase
Aren’t they the cutest?  But here’s the thing.  They aren’t just for cooling, they’re Program Fans.  They literally display the order of the ceremony.  And isn’t that a ‘fantastic’ idea? A hand-held fan doing double duty as your Wedding Program is absolutely resourceful. And with the shin-dig you’re trying to pull off, you need to be as thrifty as possible. Oh, and did I mention that we are offering a 20% discount on the fans and 30% off on the invites?  How cool is that!!!! So are you a ‘fan’ yet?  Hooray!  Order some fantastic fans at InvitationWarehouse.com today!

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