Monday, July 20, 2015

Tyrese, Black Roses, and Wedding Invitations

American Grammy-nominated R&B singer, songwriter, actor, author, television producer, former fashion model and MTV VJ1’, Tyrese dropped his latest baby making CD entitled, ‘Black Rose’ – July 10th.

So what if you were to…I don’t know…let’s say…design your wedding around…MUSIC!  What if the theme for your ceremony centered around your playlist.  For the sake of illustration, let’s use Tyrese’s ‘Black Rose’. If you went with this theme, your bridesmaids dresses would be black, the cake would have to be dark chocolate and your wedding invitations would definitely have to look like this Twilight Rose invite which ‘features gold and red foil roses’ with ecru inner and outer envelopes. 

Or this Black and Fuchsia Seal n Send Invite that would give you the freedom to select your color of roses.  Black of course! And the fact that it’s a seal n send means there’s no assembly required to get these babies in the mail.  Plus, we provide computer calligraphy!  You could order, ship them to us, upload your addresses, and we’d ship these babies back to you; signed, sealed, and delivered! 

And this Chalkboard Blue and Rose Invitation allows you to have a pop of color to your Black Rose themed wedding and gives you the best of both ends of the color spectrum.

And this is only a few of the ways you can incorporate music into your wedding.  Your wedding doesn’t have to be ordinary.  At Invitation Warehouse, we give you ways to insert your personality throughout your special day.  Contact one of our Professional Invitation Consultants and they’ll be more than willing to sit down and discuss how you can incorporate your musical selection throughout your wedding.  And you’ll receive 30% off when you order your musical invites from  So what are you waiting for?  Let’s get this party started.  Visit today!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ashton, Mila & Secret Wedding Invites

Have you heard? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis tied the knot!  IKR.  In a supposedly secret ceremony, the new Mrs. Kutcher said I do, to longtime boyfriend Ashton who reportedly told his parents he’d never marry.  Thankfully, Mila changed all that and as a result his ‘theory on weddings is: Don’t invite anyone.  Do it privately and secretly1.’ Well, now isn’t that a kick in the pants for us; seeing as we’re Invitation Warehouse; the online go-to invitation place where we believe in and celebrate all-things-wedding-invitations!

But let’s just go with Ashton for a minute.  What if you had to wed the love of your life in private? Would you?  What if you had to forego all the formalities and ceremonial tasks – could you do it? Let’s step it up a notch and ask, what if you could only invite those closest to you? Would you do it via email or would you select one of these beauties? Would you cleverly disguise the event by inviting your guest to movie night?  Each guest would receive this ticketed invite which would request their attendance to see the latest thriller; which by the way would star you and your future hubby. If so, this three-piece ticket themed invite would probably do the trick!

Click here to purchase these ticketed invites.

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Rock the red carpet with this rogue wedding invites

You might could even get away with this ecru three part wedding invite.  This elegant invite is perfect for inviting guests to a supposed family and close friend tea party.  A spot of tea anybody?

Aren't these the cutest tea party inspired invites.  Click here to get yours.
And this definitely would draw a silent crowd.  What if you invited everyone on a vacay? This boarding pass would definitely deflect any suspicion.

Ready, Set, and Lets Get Married.  Order yours now!
So what do you think?  Would you be interested in a stealth wedding?  After hearing about all the ways you could invite your guests, it’s definitely something to think about.  Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Kutcher for the idea!  If you’d like one of our Professional Invitation Consultants to help you find the perfect stealth invite, give us a call at 214-381-6367 or visit our website at Stop by today and receive 30% off on your purchase.  Invitation Warehouse; invitation stealth at its best.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Picture Perfect Invites

Guess what’s making a comeback in the wonderful world of wedding invitations? Photo Invites.  Before, couples tended to shy away from displaying their coupleliness for the camera until the big day.  But in the day of selfies, photo invites are definitely making a comeback!  Take a look at a few!
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So how do you select the right photo?  You go for the one that represents you as a couple. You do this by asking the following:

·         Which picture represents a location we both enjoy?

·         Which pose represents his position in my life and vice versa?

·         Which photo captures our love for one another?

The last question is usually the defining one and that’s’

·         Which picture makes us look like were on the covers of GQ® and Essence®? 

Once you’ve answered those four questions, you’re ready to mosey on over to our website at and check out our extensive photo invitation gallery with hundreds of invitations to choose from.  And while you’re browsing, keep in mind that all invitations are 30% off.  Yes, 30% off! Let’s get started on your picture perfect invites today!

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