Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Japan, Honoring Our Elders and 50th Anniversaries

Sorry for the delay and we meant no disrespect, but September 21st was Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. It’s a day when the Japanese honor their elders. According to, ‘Neighborhoods will have volunteers distribute free “obento” boxed lunches to elderly people in the neighborhood and smaller villages will hold keirokai shows where the younger people and school children prepare dances and songs for a special keirokai ceremony. The elderly attendees are also treated to lunch, tea, and sweets after the performance1.’ Oh, if we only went to this extent in America!  In belated honor of Respect for the Aged Day, we’d like to honor our elders with a few of these 50th Anniversary Invitations! For any couple that makes it past the first seven years, yay!  That’s no small feat.  But to stick it out with the same person for 50 years seems almost impossible.  In fact, I’m shaking my single head.  So why don’t we show some respect for our parents or grands; who made it past that milestone by hosting a 50th shindig?  Well, here’s a few high-quality 50th Anniversary invites to help you get started. This 50th Anniversary Storyline Anniversary tells the story of how they first met, their wedding or can even include pictures of the family. 

A small party of 25 will only cost $116 for the invites
And these jeweled 50th Anniversary Flutes come with ‘brass plated stems with rhinestone studded heart accents’ and can even be engraved!  A set is less than $55! 

Did we mention the set is less than $55?  Order yours now!
Or these gorgeous 50th Anniversary Wine Glasses have a splash of old and new school! Not quite stemware but definitely a nice substitute.

Now for those of you whose parents are tech savvy and can keep up with the best of them, here’s a few modern ideas.  Take a look at this Modern Photo Invitation.  Wouldn’t it just tickle your mother to see her and your father on this stylish invite?

For 50 of their closest friends and co-workers, you can get these for just $125!
And in case you’re going all out this year and springing for a trip, the happy pair can ‘celebrate their special anniversary with this roomy, black tote bag featuring black handles and an art deco, 50th Anniversary design embroidered in gold2.’ Wouldn't this be perfect for a 50th Royal Cruise? 

Order 2 for lest than $45 bucks! 
But before we let you go, doesn’t this 50th Anniversary Glitter Advice Coaster say it all?  It’s a great way for guests to chime in on what they think it’ll take to make it through the next 50 years.  As if they’ll need it.

So are you ready to honor your elders?  Then head on over to and our Invitation Specialists will take your order.  And hey!  We can't offer you a 50% discount on your order, but will a cool 30% off work?  Visit today! 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Uber Creative Guest Book Alternatives

How many times have you visited a website with a popup asking you to rate your experience? If it’s a site you frequent, you don’t mind taking a few minutes out of your day to answer a few simple questions.  But what if you had a popup of your own?  What if your guests were greeted with a life-size popup asking them to rate their your wedding? Sounds unusually intriguing? Well, here's an inexpensive way to conduct your own wedding popup in a whimsically, quick way with uber creative guest book alternatives. These guest book alternatives were cleverly created by one of the nations leading stationery printers, Carlson Craft, and was exclusively designed with the beautiful bride and gorgeous groom in mind. It’s a fun, new alternative to the traditional guest book.

3 Note Pads for just $89! Take yours home today! 

The picture above is an example.  It's called a note pad.  It allows guests to ‘fill out mad lib cards for the bride and groom1.’ In less than three minutes, your fabulous guests have the opportunity to rate their level of wedding enjoyment. Isn't that a hoot?  It’s a great ice breaker and perfect for gathering input on your shindig! Take a look!  It even asks each guest to provide a word of wisdom.  How informative and entertaining? Take a look at few more from our Guest Book Alternative Gallery!

Order 100 for just $95! Get yours today!

Aren't these simply gorgeous?  They can be yours for $85.

Guests will have so much fun writing advice for you!  Order yours!

It’s a Memory Card, Survey, and Marriage Advice card all rolled into one! You can put these alongside your Memory Card Box as a reminder of why you married your strikingly handsome, creative, and unusually funny Mr. Right.  Plus, you can step your game up and purchase a State of Bliss Guest Signature Poster.  Uber creative!
This Guest Signature Poster can be yours for just $34! Order now!

Nowadays, you have to think of unusual ways to capture your guests attention while keeping them entertained. You have to think of out-of-the-box ways to keep your friends and family away from their cell phones; unless its to take a few party selfies with you and your stunningly cute groom!  This is a great way to give people something to tweet about and it’ll be something you can keep for years to come. So are you ready to buy your own Guest Book alternatives? Then mosey on over to our website, so that you can get yours at 30% off.  Visit today!

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Virtual Weddings

According to Huffington Post, the average wedding can cost upward of $31,0001.  For some, that figure can be disheartening and discouraging.  It can even convince most that they can’t afford to get married.  It’s not that you can’t afford to get married, you can’t afford the wedding.  But perhaps there is something that you can do to offset the cost.  Maybe you should consider a virtual wedding.  
A virtual wedding is one that’s done online.  Now don’t get all in a huff.  You’re not going to get married online. This is only for those guests that can’t attend your wedding.  So that their not left out of the festivities, they can stream it online and here’s how;

Set up an account with online streaming service providers like UStream and LiveStream

Click here to get an idea of how it works.

Click to learn more.

Depending upon the quality you want, you could snag a package for as little as nothing! Another way would be to allow that tech savvy friend to Periscope the event.  Talk about a frenzy!  Yes!  You could Periscope your wedding for all to see from your phone.  Well, not your phone but a friends phone. And just think of the money you’re saving.  

No costs per plate, the wedding cake wouldn’t have to be as large and the favors wouldn’t be as expensive.  When you think about it; it’s a win-win-win!

Now there is a catch.  Those guests weren’t able to attend should receive a physical invitation; complete with a love note that we discussed in ‘140 Character Memories’.  But you definitely will want to make it longer than 140 characters because you really need to express how you understand their inability to make it to your wedding.  Shower them with kind words and include the specifics of your future Periscoped, UStream or LiveStream wedding extravaganza! 

Here’s an invite that’s sure to get your virtual juices going;

Grab some virtualesque invites, here for just $116!
This Filmstrip Save the Date will definitely do the job!

Here's another virtualesque invite for just $158!
So are you ready to get your virtual wedding started?  Visit and let’s get this virtual party started!

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Save Your Future Marriage With Memory Cards

In our last post, we were excited about 140 Character Memories.  Because as an educated bride, you want something more than glitz and glam; am I right?  As a matter of fact, you want memories and ambiance.  Well, we at Invitation Warehouse, aim to please which is why we’d like to present to you….drum roll please! Memory Cards!  
One pack is just $10.90 Click here to take yours home today! 
Memory Cards are a perfect way for friends and family to share their memories. Each card allows each guest to share something special they’ll always cherish about you and your future hubby; individually and as a couple. Here’s how they work; each guest will jot down something that changed about you or your future hubby after they met you.  A few examples would be; 

‘He never prayed until he met her. Now, that’s all he does!’
‘She didn’t trust anyone. Now, he’s all she leans on!’
‘He didn’t smile as much before he met her.’

After each guests receives their card, they can place them into this Memory Box; for you to beautifully display on your mantle or tuck it away privately for and the Mr. to share. 

For just $48.90 you can store your precious wedding memories! Click here to get yours today.

But what about this Bling Box girl??? K-ute!

This beaut is only $49. Don't wait, get yours here!

But here’s the thing.  You can’t read them until your first argument!  Yes, that’s right!  They’re not to be read during the wedding or on your honeymoon.  Open that box only during times of tension. That way, you have something good – in hand – about the other.  He can read yours; silently or to himself; while you peruse his.  And we're pretty sure that after reading a few cards, you won’t really remember what you were fighting about and it’s pretty guaranteed that you’ll be open to discussing whatever it is from a different point of view.  On second thought; keep the box in the bedroom!  You can thank us later. Oh, the joy we get from saving marriages as your go-to Bridal Blog.  Who’d have thunk? Visit and order your Memory Cards and sexy Memory Box today!

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