Monday, January 28, 2013

Depositing Into Your Thoughtful Account

So you’ve checked out our save-the-dates and now you’re ready to order!  You go boy!  Take the initiative and impress your bride-to-be.  I mean its little things like this that’ll go along way – you know what I’m sayin’???

Okay, so let’s get started.  First, click here and open another tab.

You see that tab that says ‘Save the date’ – click it.

That’ll direct you to our extensive selection of save-the-dates. (Boy I could hug you right now!

So you see the page.   

Alright – breathe!  Breathe in and breathe out!  I know you’re thinking ‘$100-and-something-dollars for some save-the-who’s?  Yes bro, we understand – but this is an investment into your ‘Thoughtful Account.’  So suck it up, man up and let’s go!

Okay, alright I see you’re in a lot of pain right now so let’s do this.  Take a break, sleep on it and come back.  We definitely wouldn’t want you making a major purchasing decision like this without any sleep.  But bro…hey…look at me – COME BACK!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Some Save-The-Dates Bro

Mr. Groom, you actually came back??  See, I like you already!  So you’ve actually compiled the list?  Man, look-a-there!  Since you did that, I’ma give you a little piece of game and that’s this; get some save-the dates! Save-the-who?  Save-the-dates bro!  A save-the-date is a notice in the form of a postcard that you send to those you’re intending on actually inviting to your wedding.

“Why would I want to do a thing like that?”  Because it’ll prove that you’re the sensitive, caring and thoughtful swag-filled man that’s taking initiative.  Okay, you’re not feeling that one?  Let me give you two more reasons why you should.

First, you know your boys and as such you need to give them a heads up.  That way, they can plan and adjust their schedules accordingly.  If they give you a call and say they can’t make it – you know ahead of time and don’t have to spend money on sending them a formal invite.

Number two is that this will make you look GOOD!  Yep, sure will! 

See, as the groom, you’re letting your bride-to-be know that youand yes I said YOU – want to purchase the save-the-dates.  And trust me bro, this type of purchase comes with cool points that can be redeemed at your discretion (you know what I'm sayin'?  But after marriage of course!!). 

And let me throw this one in for free; do this save-the-date thang because the ordering of the formal invitations may be a little bit much for you bro so trust me – get the save-the-dates.

Check back next week for our next post if you need to know how to order ‘em but for now, just take a look at our selection.  And hey – dude – come back! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Groom's Guest List

So Mr. Groom, you’ve asked your bride to marry you and of course she said yes!  I mean who can resist your wit, your smile and oh that swag.  I mean come on??!

Now what’s next on your to-do list?  Well among the hundreds of things to be done, our aim is to help you with the invitation process - so let’s get started.

Have you made your list of who you’re inviting?  I said your list because you, as the groom, need to be sure to invite your buds and dawgs NOW so as to ensure there’ll be space once Ms. Bride steps on the scene.  So again, have you made your list?  

If not, here’s a few things you’ll want to consider – invite those people that you actually want to share with you on your special day.  I mean those bro’s that knew you when you were a playa from the Himalayas! (Laughing out loud for the old school bros) Plus, you’ll definitely want to invite a few people from your crew, co-workers, college room mates, road dawgs, and anyone who you’d like to see you marry the woman that was created especially for you! 

Put that list together and come back and see tomorrow.  For real.  No, I’m serious.  For real, for real.  Come back and let me holla at you!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Welcome To Our Couple-To-Be Blog!

Welcome to our Couple-To-Be Blog!  Why couple-to-be?  Because ordinarily weddings are designed with the bride in mind, leaving the most important person out - the groom.  

We've heard your cry groom-to-be's (because remember you're so sensitive) and now there's a place where you and your bride can be appreciated, educated, and spanked together!  Oops!  Did we just write that?  Yes we sure did and we use the word spanked because in this blog, there'll be areas where both of you will get popped and be corrected; but in a loving way!  

So put your elbows on your desk, enlarge the screen and enjoy the postings.  You're in for a life-changing experience!