Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Man Fonts

Back again?  Boy I gotta tell ya…I’m really feelin’ you right now.  I mean you’ve actually read four days of a Couples Blog?  Dude, you’re really in love!  Give me some dap!  So click here to get back to our website. Do you remember the one you selected from last week?  Good, click that!

So now that you know the QUANTITY, the next step is the LETTERING.  For time sake, click the VIEW ALL LETTERING link.  This will show you the font type that’ll be on your save-the-date.

So I know you’re not going to want to spend a whole lotta time with this but here’s some things you need to consider.  Are the people you’re sending them too bougie; I mean bourgeois? If so, you may want an italic or cursive font.  If not and they’re laid back, them do something plain.  To be on the safe side and since you probably are doing this without your fiancĂ©e’s help, avoid anything too shrilly and curly; you know – feminine lookin’ and remember keep it simple!

Did you select one?  Whew!  That was hard work boy but good job! Take a rest and turn on ESPN.  After all that, you need a break because the next step is the verses and that’s a doocy – get it?  Mike Doocy who does the sports in Dallas.  SMH. Until next time…

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How Many Save-The-Dates Will You Need?

So Mr. Groom, I see you’re well rested.  I know you’ve thought and even prayed about it.  Did you pray?  Really…because…really you should! So are you really ready to make this investment into your ‘Thoughtful Account’?  Aaaww!  You’re so sweet!  Let’s get started! 

So go back to our website, ‘invitationwarehouse.com’ and click ‘save the date’. Scroll through the selection and see if there’s anything that YOU like.  Yep I said – YOU.  This is YOUR project so it’s going to be according to YOUR taste. Don’t rush!  Take a few minutes.  You ready?  Good.

Did you see one that YOU like? Click it and let me walk you through it.  You see where it says ‘QUANTITY’, click the 'NUMBER' you’ll need.

Breathe man…breathe!  I know the price seems a little steep but before you change your mind, let me say this -  You don’t have to purchase a save-the-date for the number of guests on your list.’  Naw man!  You just need to get enough for the people you know will need a heads-up and may need a little time to adjust their schedule.  So that means you’ll need to go through your list from our ‘The Grooms List’ post (click here to view) and put a star besides those that fall under that criteria. 

Wow!  I’m sensing a sigh of relief!  You were really about to verbally abuse me – weren’t you?  Yeah I know!  So on that note, we’ll pause for now, give you time to regroup and redo your list and we'll see you back here next week!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Need a videographer - Check out Video Keepsakes!

One of our latest Twitter followers!  Thought we'd share because their product and message is so....see for yourself! Click here to view.