Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Out-Of-The-Box Wedding Invites

There’s a new wedding invitation style that’s trending internationally and it’s Box Invites.  Box Invites differ from traditional wedding invitations in that they’re packaged differently.  Instead of your usual  5 3/4 x 8 ¾, matte finish, square flap lined envelope, the wedding invitation is placed in a stunningly colored box.  When the invitation arrives, guests see a velvet covered box filled with premium, shimmering tissue paper that houses a usually non-traditional wedding invite. Talk about an out of the box way of inviting

So why are Box Invites trending?  Because ‘wedding invites are often a status symbol’ which is why ‘many couples opt for1’ this high-end option. It's chic and provides an immediate regal impression. If you've been considering incorporating something unusually trendy into your wedding repertoire, take a look at what Invitation Warehouse has to offer.  This Boundless Love Box Invitation comes with an ecru colored box and translucent invitation, reception, and accommodations folder.  When your guests open the box, they're met with your invitation folded together in the shape of a heart. Talk about a WOW moment!

Or if that Boundless Love Box Invitation was a bit pricey, consider these FAVOR BOXES.  This Burberry inspired Gingham Favor Box is budget friendly and chic enough to allow you to splurge on a few wedding favors.

Or this REVERSIBLE FLORAL WRAP BOX would blend nicely on your reception tables.

So are you ready to get out of the traditional wedding invitation box?  Head on over to and receive 30% off on your Boxed Wedding Invitations. Visit today!  

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  1. Wow!! These wedding favors are excellent. I really loved them and want to have few for my wedding also that is taking place at one of LA venue. Will ask my wedding planner for these favors. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas here.