Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nikki Bella’s Breakup and Thank You Notes

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We know you’ve heard about the heartbreaking break up of WWE professional wrestler John Cena to his gorgeous ex-fiancé, Smack Down wrestler, Stephanie Garcia-Colace, aka Nikki Bella. Unfortunately, Mr. Cena decided he wasn’t ready and called off the engagement a few weeks before the wedding. But if you think about it, could she possibly be thankful that Mr. Cena was upfront and didn’t carry his sentiments into their marriage? I know we want to be upset with the guy, but ya gotta respect his honesty. So, what should she do? First off, we want to take a moment and send our heartfelt condolences, because this has got to be a rough time for Ms. Colace. To be with someone that long, only to be told they’re not ready to spend the rest of their lives with you is something that will take time and prayer to make it through. So, Ms. Nikki please know that we are praying for you. But what if you’re her BFF and want to help put this behind her as quickly as possible, what would you do?  Our suggestion: perhaps on a formal note, send Thank You Notes to those that were going to attend the wedding. Why Thank You Notes

Because this will give her an opportunity to thank those that were had a vested interest in their relationship, rescheduled their itinerary and/or had already paid for wedding gifts. To simply send a note thanking them for wanting to share in her special day but would now have to go through this hard time with her in spirit, is a heartfelt gesture all the way around. Plus, this will also give Nikki the opportunity to put closure on the wedding she thought she was going to have.  Because in the end, all she can do is be thankful that she found out ahead of time; no matter how difficult and hurtful it is right now.

Here’s a few Thank You Notes that’ll do the trick.

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Depending on her wedding theme, she might want to select a Thank You Note that flows with her color palette. This pink and brown cherry blossom design is simple and to the point. The flower lets guests know that she’s still growing and that something beautiful will come out of the breakup.

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This Floral Umbrella Thank You Note sends the perfect message as it lets guests know that though she is in the storm, she’s still covered and thankful for their support. Oh, don’t you just enjoy how we help you write the note too! #shamelessplug

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We know what you’re thinking, 
‘Why would she send a Thank You Note of her and John?’
She wouldn’t.

She’d put a stunning photo of herself instead. #bam This lets her guests know that she’s strong and will make it through this. And if you’re experiencing the same, so will you! For more Thank You Notes, be sure to visit our website @ invitationwarehouse.com and receive 30% off your purchase. 

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